Maruyama Vaccine

Choosing what kind of therapy is a personal right, not to persuade to stop. So I don't interfere other people to contribute for testing a half century old vaccine with spending his/her own money and time, and risks. My personal opinion is, there are already pile of evidence that Maruyama vaccine has no benefit. But persons who like to use it, please refer Procedure to obtaining Maruyama vaccine. (1999-05-12)

Alternateve Therapy that has no benefit

First, I must identify myself. I'm not a doctor. I'm just computer engineer. Occasionally I received some e-mails from overseas asking for Maruyama Vaccine, just because I am Japanese and have my own Web page, despite only writing my personal interest. I thought it's interesting because in Japan Maruyama Vaccine has very few believer and almost forgotten, so why some people around the world is seeking Maruyama Vaccine? So I translate what doctors write on the Web pages.

My simple question

If somebody invented a cancer cure/preventive, he or she will sure to win a Nobel prize, and make piles of money, must be uncomparable with Bill Gates. Procedure to produce Maruyama Vaccine is already open to public. Boil dead Tuberculose virus and filter it. Although Maruyama Vaccine has been tested for a half century, no country in the world approved the vaccine as cancer cure/preventive.

Just think about it. If Maruyama Vaccine work, why?

Kind of e-mail I disregard

And I hope you will explain why you believe the vaccine would work.


Bellows are not really Q&A's; just for help understanding.

Q: If you hear from friend or relative saying that Maruyama vaccine work as a cancer cure/preventive. Beside, Maruyama vaccine has fewer side effect than radiation and chemio-therapy. You should try... How would you say?

A: Maruyama vaccine has been used for 50 consecutive years in Japanese hospitals and never reported to be work. Only mild side effects.

From doctor of cancer's point of view, the effectiveness of the vaccine is "It's just water", but worse than water. Because trying Maruyama vaccine means, you must abandon radiation and chemio-therapy because even no effect, it is still a VACCINE so can not use Maruyama vaccine therapy and other therapy in once.

Q: But unlike radiation and chemio-therapy, Maruyama vaccine has fewer side effect. You are not cancer patient, and you don't understand how chemio-therapy is painful. And you are not doctor anyway.

A: I'm not a doctor nor cancer patient, that is true, but knowledgeable doctors who is specialize in cancer and observed many cancer patient, including who use Maruyama vaccine, make a same decision. It's just water. You claim that "Fewer side effect, less painful" but it doesn't mean Maruyama vaccine is good therapy, because there is no good against cancer at all.

Q: I accept that YOU are thinking so, but my loving family member is in bad condition and really want Maruyama vaccine. I hear it can be obtain from Japan, won't you help? I pay for what you expense.

A: Give purified water and say "It's Maruyama vaccine". Effectiveness is same, but no side effect at all. It doesn't cost so much, and no need to abandon normal medical care. Far superior to Maruyama vaccine.

Q: So you say "Tell lie to the patient?"

A: Maruyama vaccine can be obtain from Nippon Medical School, with agreement of doctor.(Doctors never prescribe Maruyama vaccine as a cancer cure/preventive) Price is not so expensive. Some embassy in Japan is said to assist obtain Maruyama vaccine, but I don't know the details.


Research Institute of Vaccine Therapy for
Tumors and Infectious Diseases
Nippon Medical School
1-1-5 Sendagi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Price (product name: Ancer 20) is 9450 yen (about 100USD) for 40 days. Office open Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays 9 to 11 A.M. For the first time, bring doctors letter of agreements. Patient his/herself or family member resister for experimental therapy and receive vaccine. (Some said representative is OK, but not sure) Next time, vaccine can be delivered by postal parcel.

There is an phone number for questions, but average Japanese people could not understand English over phones. I'm not sure English ready person is waiting.

I can't take responsibility for the result, but some Web site lists listing two telephone numbers. First is, 03-3823-4620. Some site says it's operated in collaboration with Maruyama Vaccine Users and Family group. From overseas, Japanese international telephone code is 81, and omit first zero of area number. That makes, 81-3-3823-4620. For questions, Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays 9 A.M. to 1 P.M. Japanese Standard Time is UTC-9, and no summer time system.

Next is 03-3822-2131. It's the representative telephone number of Nippon Medical School. Sime site says extension 365 is Research Institute, other says extension 5266 is tape message.

Nippon Medical Schools official Web site is What you want is
This Web site is beautifully designed, but not so many English information is available at this stage. Even no E-mail address are written. (Japanese pages, either)

But note it is true that Maruyama Vaccine is approved as an authorized pharmaceutical drug, but only for treat side effect of decreased number of white blood cell caused by radio-therapy, and not approved as cancer cure/preventive. This Web site doesn't mentions that. It appeared to be intentionally misleading and exaggerating what they life-long researched. Only they (Research Institute of Vaccine Therapy member) say that Maruyama Vaccine work. Please consider why no country in the world approved Maruyama Vaccine as cancer cure/preventive, even after 50 years has past since developed and clinically tested. This is the clear evidence of Maruyama Vaccine is no cure.

There might be regal problem for sending medicine form Japan to your country. As long as I know, Japanese medical law has not forbidding for Japanese to privately import from foreign country, as long as patient his/herself use it only, and not exceeding for 30 days usage per each import. Import for profit and sell it to others is strictly forbidden. But I'm not lawyer, not knowing about export at all, nor don't know your countries rule either. I don't participate in legally doubtful act, of course.

And again, I don't assist obtaining Maruyama vaccine. I don't go to Nippon Medical School for you nor anybody. I don't accept any money. If you dare to send money to my address, I just put it in charity money collecting box.

Research yourself as possible, ask doctors whatever. All I hope is you make right decision and never regret it.

Additional information

What are required to receive Maruyama Vaccine is differ from each Web site stated. Some say followings are necessary.
  1. Doctors agreement to use Maruyama Vaccine. This is common in all Web site.
  2. History of patient's illness. (Not necessary hole history)
  3. X-ray photos. (if possible, copy of tissue sample diagnosis card, too)
I don't even try to assure it by make a phone call (I don't use it anyway so it's just bothering medical staffs), so I have no exact information.

City Legend

Recent history of Maruyama Vaccine
  1. Before WWII, some doctors think top water of boiled dead TB virus would work as TB cure, but it turned out to be no effect.
  2. But the doctors think top water of boiled dead TB virus might work as leprosy cure, but it turned out to be no effect.
  3. But the doctors believed that top water of boiled dead TB virus must has work for something. Next, they think that would work for cancer.
  4. The doctors announced the top water of boiled dead TB virus would work for cancer, and big boom of Maruyama Vaccine occur. Japanese newspaper and TV reported everyday, and there were long lines of patient, who try to obtain the vaccine. That scene was repeatedly reported, that giving Japanese people Maruyama Vaccine is real treatment.
  5. But expect some doctors of Nippon Medical School, Maruyama Vaccine had not proved it's effect. Validity of the vaccine had doubted.
  6. From 1965 to June 1972, Maruyama Vaccine was provided free of charge, because it was made an application, but not approved by Ministry of Health and Welfare.
  7. After Research Institute of Vaccine Therapy for Tumors and Infectious Diseases has established at July 1972, Vaccine itself was provided free of charge, but only charged for commissions of consultation.
  8. August 1981, Ministry of Health and Welfare ordered ZERIA Pharmaceutical Company Limited (Japanese pages only at present time) to continue production as investigational new drug, (because patients who didn't believe that the vaccine has no effect demand it so much) price is set to 9000 yen by the request of ZERIA.
  9. Occasionally, TV or other news media reporter, who can't understand medical, mistakingly report to the overseas that the Maruyama vaccine as mysterious cancer medicine in Japan, with miraculous effect.
  10. I receive e-mails asking Maruyama vaccine.
So I don't call Maruyama Vaccine is fraud. Just don't work.
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