Procedure to obtaining Maruyama vaccine

Note: This info is just for your reference. This is my inaccurate translation from certain Japanese Web site. I can't responsible the correctness of both original information, and my English translation. This information have not mentioned how to obtain Maruyama vaccine from overseas. Please remind that so there must be including many mistakes.
To obtaining Maruyama vaccine, you need to follow these steps.

Certain Web site said that to have Maruyama Vaccine therapy, you need to get the letter from your doctor, with the statement like this.

Agreement of experimental therapy

Address of the patient

Contact address



Date of birth


histological comment

Name of the disease

histological point of view

I agree with using SSM(A,B) injection (Maruyama Vaccine), and clinical traial of experimental vaccine. I agree to report the progress of the patient regulaly and cooperate this research.

Date of the letter written

Address of the clinic

Name of the clinic

Assigned doctor name


Contact Phone number

Note: Report the progress of the patient regularly might be mean, every 40 days, submit the brief report the progress (From of the paper is delivered by Research Institute of Vaccine Therapy) to receive another amount of vaccine. But I'm not sure.