Ruby for Windows users

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There are three different binary version of Ruby for Windows. See how difference. I'll explain how I setup Ruby with cygwin.


Let's suppose you will make directory of C:\work and get these two files
  1. ruby-1.6.2-20001104-i386-cygwin.tar.gz
from Ruby binaries Web page and save those to the C:\work .

open MS-DOS prompt. (or, command prompt for Windows 2000)

cd \work

gzip -d ruby-1.6.2-20001104-i386-cygwin.tar.gz
tar xpf ruby-1.6.2-20001104-i386-cygwin.tar

You will see "Permission denied" and many "Could not change access and modification times", but it's a limitation of Windows filesystem, so never mind.

Expect you already run Cygwin, you also need cygwin1.dll to ruby work.


cd \work\usr\local\bin

move \work\cygwin1-1.1.4.dll cygwin1.dll


ruby -v


This is an example. You may place ruby at appropriate directory.

cd \

move \work\usr \usr

And, set command path to \usr\local\bin.

You may link this page freely. If you want older version of Ruby for some reason, you can have it from this page.
Satoshi Sugihara <>