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My tips for Russian budget travel

I assured over the phone with Russian consulate in Tokyo that they need boucher of original, not copy. That means, invitation sent by FAX is not available.(1999-05-18)

So I send a e-mail of help to TGH. (Travelers Guest House. IRO Travelis their russian name) They replied me that original of invitation can be sent by UPS (United Parcel Service) and it will cost 49$. And can be paid with my VISA credit card.

For your reference, I will show you attached document.

Note: This info was latest, when I received e-mail at 1999-05-25, but if you visit my Web site later on, things might be changed. Please get latest information from TGH. (contact e-mail is shown in document) I checked these three Word documents are not virus infected.

Progress report

IRO travel always use UPS, for UPS is reliable and cheaper than other parcel deliverly service. UPS come to their office every day to pick up invitations for clients.

What I made mistake

By following reasons, I have to revise documents and send FAX again. Please learn from my mistake and hope you can get invitation sooner and easier.
  1. I did not include payment for UPS. I'm not accustomed to use parcel delivery service, and it's not clearly stated in application form, I thought fee for UPS $49 is to be payed on arrival. I was wrong. I should have ask to withdraw $89, not $40.
    Note: Please get latest info from IRO about UPS fee. I don't know exactly but price might be changed from destination or season.
  2. I did not write "telephone number for the delivery address". Telephone number is required for almost all parcel delivery service. UPS is not an exception. May be, make a phone call when they cannot find house, or nobody is in house.
  3. I have written St Petersburg on the application too. But if you really want Petersburg on the invitation, I needed a photocopy of my hotel reservations in Petersburg. Unless I do not have reservations they can issue the invitation for Moscow only. They informed me that I can go to Petersburg all the same but I should stay for a maximum of of three days unless I stay in a hotel that stamps (registrates) my visa.
    So I asked to issue invitation of Moscow only.

How to track invitaion

I will show you how I tracked my express mail with pictures. (about 32KB) Internet technology is great. Sitting in my chair and still I can make sure that my invitation is properly handled!

Other useful info

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